Instructor Certification:
Level 3 - Inner Circle

Achieving Level 3 status is an honor that is based on performance rather than testing. There are no written exams to pass or teaching exercises to be observed. It is based simply on your performance as a leader in your field of golf instruction.

There are four individual categories upon which promotion to Level 3 is based. Each category contributes to the overall resume for the candidate. There is no specific weighting given to the four categories. The performance might well be stronger in one category than others and will naturally not be equal in all categories. The candidate’s resume is evaluated as an overall body of work.

The four categories listed below comprise the criteria. They are listed in no particular order:

Student Achievement

The candidate has taught outstanding, high quality performers who have experienced success at the top levels in their field (amateur or professional} as a result of their work together. The candidate’s instructional abilities must be evident in their student's results through some combination of a repetitive golf swing, scoring ability, and game management.

Articles and Video Appearances

The candidate has published works in magazines, books or other channels of media. The published works reflect not only their knowledge but also creativity, thought leadership and the ability to further our instructional concepts. The candidate has appeared on major television or other video-based channels accessed by national audiences. (Examples include The Golf Channel, TPI or similar themed shows, or other national programs)

Awards and Accomplishments

The candidate is recognized as an outstanding instructor through awards and listings of top instructors (regional or national levels) The candidate demonstrates leadership within their golf sphere and is recognized by many as being influential to the development of his or her profession. This can be through the development of golf instructors, the industry, or the playing population.

Contributions to the Plane Truth

The candidate helps the Plane Truth to grow our community of open-minded instructors and strengthen the brand on a national or global level. The candidate assists the Plane Truth in our programs by various means. (Examples include hosting and/or instructing in seminars or golf schools, contributing actively on the Instructor and Public Forums, and providing content for the Matrix, Case Studies, or other educational purposes.