Plane Truth Golf Schools

Click play on the video above to watch Jim Hardy talk about why he created The Plane Truth Golf Schools and what makes them unique.

All of our schools are taught in person by either World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame member Jim Hardy or Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor Chris O'Connell. Both instructors teach everyone from the top PGA Tour players to the average 25-handicap.

The Plane Truth Golf Schools allow you to experience the same golf instruction that they teach to PGA Tour players as well as thousands of amateur golfers. The Plane Truth Golf Schools are based on Jim Hardy’s principles of the One and Two Plane golf swings. The same methods, concepts, and techniques apply to the top players in the world as well as the weekend player.

You will experience the best in golf instruction available today that will provide an in-depth approach to your own personal swing and how to achieve your best ball striking ever. Our golf schools are a one of a kind experience that elevate your golfing ability and enjoyment of the game.  We provide a world class, unique approach individually designed for your improvement. You won’t receive the same instruction as the person next to you.   All of our instruction is based on improving your ball flight – not on a strict swing method or a specific style. We don't teach a method, we teach people. Once a golfer is presented with the fix to his fault, the goal is to impart it in a way that connects with that particular person. It's a human problem, specific for each individual.

Our motto is simple:  "Hit the next ball better!".  It really is that simple.  We believe you can - and should - see improvement on the very next ball you hit.  Golf instruction isn't a 9-month rebuilding project.  Improvement should be immediate.

While the “what” part of the instruction hasn’t changed, the all important “how to do it” portion is always evolving! We are continually discovering new ways to connect with students. We view golf instruction as a journey of improvement. No one has ever quit taking golf instruction because they became too good at the game. Our goal is to continually make you better. So if you happen to be a 12 handicap, we want you to work to become a 9 and then a 7 and so on. For this reason, we have many attendees at our golf schools continually return always looking to further improve their golf games.

We couldn't be more excited to offer you our Plane Truth Golf Schools. We sincerely hope you will join us in discovering how you can reach your golfing potential. We look forward to helping you hit the next ball better!

Jim Hardy and Chris O'Connell

2017 Schedule


Hosted By:


Jim Hardy & Krista Dunton

October 26 & 27, 2017

Berkeley Hall Club

Bluffton, South Carolina


Contact Ashley at 281.241.1100 or



Day 1:

1:00 ~ 1:30pm: Opening Presentation....

1:30 ~ 3:30pm: Full Swing Instruction

3:30 ~ 4:00pm: Chipping & Putting Presentation

4:00 ~ 5:00pm: Chipping & Putting Instruction


Day 2:

8:00 ~ 8:30am: Opening Presentation

8:30 ~ 10:30am: Full Swing Instruction

10:30 ~ 11:00am: Pitching & Bunker Presentation

11:00am ~ 12noon: Pitching & Bunker Instruction


Cost: $1295 per Person

Cancellation Policy:

4 weeks: 100% refund

2 weeks: 50% refund