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For the first time ever, you can improve your game at your pace and stay focused only on the instructional information that applies to YOU.

On-line lessons and interactive tools will allow you to progress at a quicker rate and receive feedback faster than ever before.

Why the Plane Truth?

Founded by renowned instructor Jim Hardy, the Plane Truth was designed to bring his 40 years of expertise to support you at every turn. Our Certified Instructors include several of the Top 100 in golf and currently coach dozens of players across all of the major professional tours in the world.

Eliminate The Confusion

Ugh…so many techniques and styles!Which one is right for you? What makes it right for you? Golf is hard enough. It is even harder when you have the wrong information. Stop searching for the latest “tip”! Figure out what matters for you and why.

Getting Started is Simple

1. Film your golf swing 2. Choose a coach 3. Select your program 4. Enter your information 5. Upload your videos Your selected coach will provide you with personalized instruction within 3 days- usually sooner.