New Player Profile

Completely redesigned and rebuilt!

More intuitive to use. Tablet compatible.

Integrated ShotTracker. Intuitive Controls.

We've taken your feedback, and created the most advanced version of the Player Profile to date.

We've made it easier to use with more intuitive controls, and many built-in features that previously required a seperate application.

Videos on swing faults and correct motion

Jim Hardy and the Plane Truth team provide a video library that describes each of the swing faults that you and your instructor have identified as improvement areas.

See your +'s and -'s

Through our ground breaking Plane Truth Information Matrix and the Plane Truth System of +'s and -'s, you will see a personal view as to how the mistakes in your swing add up to an overall swing shape.

Practice Planning and Goal Setting

Use our simple framework to create goals and guide your practice and improvement.

Online lessons & Voice Overs

Your Certified Instructor can provide you with detailed take-home analysis from your in-person or online lessons. You can in-person or online lessons. You can mobile phone.

Personalized Drill Vault

Your Vault contains videos of specific fixes for each of your faults. These videos are taken from the Plane Truth Information Matrix, the largest single source of organized golf instruction on the internet. Currently it contains over 300 different videos, with more being added all the time.

Utilizing the unique Plane Truth "Plus and Minus" system to identify swing flaws, you will be able to focus and concentrate on the segments of your golf swing that need the most attention.

Integrated ShotTracker, which allows you to record every shot of your round and analtze your performance with advanced reporting tools (coming soon), will help you identify and correct every weakness in your game!

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